How to Find Truck Driving Jobs

First and foremost, pick up your local newspaper and search the classifieds. They are filled with truck driving jobs. Do you want to drive cross country or just locally? Do you want to be home every night, on the weekends, or every few weeks or months? This is up to you. Ensure that your CDL is current.

trgg_Thumb.jpg Have 10 years of job history ready for any truck driving job that you apply for, as this is required by law. If you have not worked for 10 years, then all of your work experience is needed. You must be at least 21 to drive out of state and 18 to drive in state. Some insurance companies will require you to be older.

internet_Thumb.jpg Another place to look for a job in on the internet. Go to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

fdfss_Thumb.jpg Another great resource is truck stops. They have those great magazines at every turn with hiring companies and they are filled with drivers that can hook you up with a job. If there is one industry in this country that is hiring always, it is truck driving. GUARANTEED!!!! I used to drive, so take my word for it. My husband drives now and this is no joke. He always says you can dial a wrong number and get a job in trucking.