How to get 100 feedback in one WEEK or less on EBAY

“100 Feedback In Only 7 Days”



“100 Feedback In Only 7 Days”

When starting out on eBay® your feedback score or lack of, can limit your ability to buy and sell on eBay®.


Your feed back score represents the number of eBay® members that are satisfied with the transaction that has taken

place between you and the other party. So, it stands to reason, that the higher your feedback score, the more

comfortable someone will be when they look into doing business with you.

But that’s not the only reason.

In order to list a “Dutch” auction you need a feedback score of at least 30. If you want to list an item as a “Featured Plus”

listing you’ll need a feedback of 10 or more.

I have no doubt that you can see the importance of getting some quick feedback. And I’m going to share a secret with

you that will get you there in no time at all.

The method of getting enough feedback is

simple and falls within all of eBay’s® rules. How? Simple …

Look on eBay® for items which cost you next to nothing. You can use the eBay® search feature to find items which cost

anywhere from .01 to $1.00.

Try this.

Click on search, then on Stores, and then type in “free shipping” without the ” ” and then push the search button. You’ll

be surprised at all the low priced items that you’ll find.

Now bid on 100 items. If you want to speed things up a bit, try and find auctions with the “Buy It Now” option. If the

seller offers PayPal® as a form of payment, go right away and pay for the item.

Next send a follow up email to the seller thanking them for the auction, point out that you paid in a quick manor, and

kindly ask them to leave positive feedback for your prompt payment.

If you do this with a hundred different sellers you should be able to get your feedback score up to 100 in just a few days.

This method does cost you a few dollars, but if you’re planning on doing business on eBay®, this method will get you up a

running fast.

Caution: Make sure you buy from 100 different sellers. If you were to purchase 100 different items from the same seller,

and they gave you feedback on all 100 items, your feedback score would still only be 1.

You are now armed with valuable information that will help you take your eBay® business to the next level.

“Don’t just talk about it
Be about it.”


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