How to get a Job with a Criminal Record

After getting out of prison you will need to find a job to provide income however almost every employer will deny your application based on your criminal record.  Many ex cons have just found it easier to go back to jail where at least their basic needs are provided.  The solution to this problem is to start your own business.

Starting your own business will allow you to never go through the degarding job application process again while allowing you more freedom, flexibility, and money.  Many businesses can be started for under $100 with a few items.  Business cards, business phone number, through use of a prepaid cell phone, and t- shirts with your business name are a few of the basic requirements.

Businesses such as painting, landscaping, handyman, and mechanic all are cheap and fast to start and need few tools.  Advertising will be crucial to getting new business, many forms of advertsing are free and can get you started.  There are many free internet sites that allow you to post ads for free while using your business cards to display in neighborhood businesses will allow you to drum up your initial business.

Once your adverising is done it will be up to you to do quality work and develop a good reputation that will get you new business.  Having a business will aloow you to keep your dignity while making good money.  Your criminal record will never hold you back again from making the kind of money you deserve.