How to get an instant approval credit card

How to apply for instant approval credit cards.

Instant approval credit cards allow you to see if you are approved in as little as 60 seconds. They can save time and frustration and let you know right away if you are approved for the credit card. Some will even tell you your tentative credit limits.

Many credit card issuers offer credit cards under instant approval applications, American Express is well known for it’s Express’ Approval credit cards.

First you’ll need to see if the credit card issuer or card that you want offers instant approval credit cards. Most cards that offer this will say so clearly near the Apply now’ link. Keep in mind that some cards under an issuer may require additional processing of applications or not eligible for instant approval.

Shop around to find the best possible credit card for your needs. Don’t just apply to a bunch of instant approval credit cards until you get an approval’. Research the credit card you want, see if it offers instant approval and only then apply for it.

Once you’ve found a credit card that suits your needs and offers instant’ approval you’ll need to fill out the secure online application. Most instant approval credit cards are applied for via the card issuer’s website.

Some store credit cards offer instant’ approval when you apply in store, but the majority of major credit cards only offer instant approval application through their websites.
You’ll need standard application information such as your personal information, basic financial information, employment information, and contact information.

Instant approval cards usually require some additional information. This information may ask to list income amounts, if you’ve had any bad marks on your credit report, if you’ve applied recently, and more depending on the card issuer.

Double check all the information you fill out on the application before you submit the application. Instant approvals are actually processing your application and credit information and comparing it to what their system lists as criteria for approval. They aren’t see if you qualify’ test runs, many will show up as an inquiry on your credit report.

Don’t hit the back button or refresh while filling out the instant approval credit card application and don’t hit those buttons after hitting submit. Many sites say 60 seconds, but depending on internet connection and site factors, it could take a few minutes. Don’t exit the browser window, hit back, hit refresh, or try to click around on the site.

When the application is finished being processed a page will come up saying if you’ve been rejected or approved. Some credit card issuers will also display your approved credit limit, the card you are approved for (if you didn’t qualify for the top tier card you applied for), and expected date of your card’s arrival in the mail.
Sometimes the initial approval shows a limit higher or lower than the one you’ll actually receive. Some instant approval applications will say the application required additional processing but this is on a case by case basis.

Instant approval credit card applications can help you get the credit you need quickly and easily. They are secure and fast and can take away the guessing games associated with waiting weeks for an approval or rejection letter.