How to Get Chosen for Plum Jobs

There are companies out there needing people to fill in $100,000 plus jobs. Recruiters are looking for certain qualities in applicants. Job seekers who want to get into this market must use some strategies in order to get noticed. Do you want to be the ‘chosen one’? Then you could benefit from the following tips:

1. Be confident and Know what you want.  Don’t appear wishy-washy and vacillating. You must be firm, in control and know exactly where you want to go. Give recruiters an idea how you will fare as a manager. Act it out while you are being interviewed. Have a purposeful stride, maintain eye contact, give firm handshake; be definite in your goals and realistic in your expectations. There is nothing more annoying than to talk to someone who has no end in sight, whose only goal is “to wing it out” instead of get things done.

2. Get the word out about yourself. Make sure that you are seen in important social events related to your job. You can be the industry speaker or the recognized industry expert. Let people know what you can do and what you know. The word of mouth will help spread it. Before long, you will notice people asking you for some expert advice. Be helpful but not too helpful. Keep some insider’s information to yourself. Don’t divulge trade secrets. After all, you’ve earned the right to this expert knowledge. Once the word is out there that you are the kind of person this industry seeks, your efforts will be duly acknowledged. The important thing is to show what you can do before the company needs you. Networking and giving back are important ways to promote yourself not just to do your job.

3.  Polish your resume. Companies focus on three important things: make money, save money and solve problems especially in these difficult times. Your resume should show how you can help them attain those things. Use good headlines and bulleted descriptions of your skills. Start with an important achievement in your field. Tell them how you have achieved it. For instance,” increase company sales to 100% by creating an online presence and allowing customers to buy online thus giving them convenience and easy access.” If you don’t give a concrete example of how you achieve such huge accomplishment, it will be hard to believe what you wrote in your resume. Every claim should be backed up by valid and verifiable explanation.

4. Call recruiters. Contact recruiters by telephone. Email only gets around 20% response. The phone will allow you to talk to recruiters and state your case. You will have better results calling than writing. To catch the recruiters’ attention, use the internet, apply to company websites, search job boards online, join job fairs, actively participate in trade associations because they often have contacts with recruiters in their industries.