How to get free stuff online and in the real world

Don’t spend another dime dialing 411 to get information on a number. Instead, dial 1-800-free-411. They will even text message you.

craigslist has a lot of useful stuff Go to and look up your city.

They have a section called “free” under the for sale section. You can sometimes find exactly what you need or want from someone right where you live.

Check out

On this site you list the items, skills, services you are offering, as well as the items, skills, services you are seeking. Search through the items, skills and services offered by other swappers and propose a swap. You don’t just have to swap either, you can also buy and sell stuff.

Need antibiotics? Stop and Shop is offering free antibiotics right now.

I think they are doing this to attract more people into their stores. Because once you are in the store you are more likely to buy something.

Find out which restaurants near you offer “free kids” nights.
I think Ihop and Denny’s both offer free kids nights where your kids under a certain age can eat for free when you pay for your meal.

Try out

This website is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit group of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Their goal is to help keep stuff out of landfills and help the environment.

Another site to consider is

Freestufftimes posts links to legit free stuff every day.

Happy Birthday!

Through this website you can look up stuff that’s free on your birthday, your kids birthday and even your pet! Give yourself a free gift or take someone you know to get a free birthday treat.