How to get rich in Runescape for free to play

I know three great methods of making good money.

Minning clay

  • To start, you need a Runescape account.
  • Log in and move to Varrok. Then go to the grand exchange.
  • Buy a pickaxe if you don’t have one yet, then go to the south of the grand exchange, and you’ll find a place to mine clay.
  • You don’t need any minning level to mine clay, so start minning.
  • When your inventory is full, go to the grand exchange and sell the clay for 100 gps each. An inventory is full of 28 pieces of clay, so each time you sell a full inventory you get 2,8k
  • You only need 3 inutes to mine the clay and sell it, so it means you’ll earn 56k/h. This is a good way of making money

Merchant with clay

  • Mine clay or buy it in the grand exchange (for the highest price)
  • Buy 28 buckets of water or refill 28 empty buckets in the Varrok’s fountain
  • Once you get both the clay and the buckets, use the clay with the water and you’ll get soft clay.
  • Soft clay can be sold in the grand exchange for a good amount of money
  • You buy each clay for 100 coins and sell the soft clay for 180 coins, so you get 80 coins of profit from every soft clay.
  • This method, when done fast, can produce more than 65k/h of money.

Kill chickens

  •  Go to the farm, which is very close to Lumbridge
  • Start killing chickens
  • When you kill a chicken, you gain skills experience
  • Collect the feathers. Each feather can be sold in the grand exchange for 6 coins. Some chickens drop 20 feathers.
  • In 1 hour you can get lots of feathers..  x feathers mean x5 coins, and a lot of experience
  • Sell the feathers in the grand exchange
  • Walah! You’re rich!