How to Get To Vienna (Wien), Austria From The Airport

Once you arrive in Vienna (Wien) and pass through passport control, look for the signs that say CAT in big letters. This is the City Airport Train and will take you to the main subway station in the city. Follow the signs to the train terminal

Once you arrive at the train terminal, you must purchase your train ticket to the city. They ALWAYS check on the CAT. If you do not have a ticket, you can purchase one on the train but it is more expensive. When I was in Vienna in 2007, the cost to the city on the CAT was 9 Euro (about $12.00) and is worth the price.

After purchasing your ticket, go down to the train platform and board the train (with all your luggage) When the train starts moving, a person will come by and check your ticket. It’s about 20 minutes to the city.

When you are ready to leave back to the airport, you can check your luggage for most international flights at the subway terminal in the city 24 hours before your flight leaves. It is a regular airline baggage check in. They will check it all the way through to your destination.


  • Vienna (Wien) is a WONDERFUL city. I absolutely loved the time I spent there and I will go back
  • Vienna has a wonderful transportation system throughout the city. I road the subway / rail all over. If you are staying in the city, you have no need to rent a car.