How to grow and care for Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies have beautiful colors and grow tall like they are reaching for the sky. These colorful flowers bloom in yellow, white, pink, or a combination of these colors. Some when they bloom have freckled spots or stripes and have their own personality or look. When oriental lilies are in full bloom they look as an orchestra’s wand making timeless music in the wind.

1 When you are planting oriental lilies place them into moist, rich soil that drains well. If you have dry soil where you want to plant your lilies you can add leaf mold, composted manure or peat moss to work into the dried out soil for about a foot deep for perfect planting.

2 Also when planting these type lilies ensure that the flower bed has good drainage so the lilies will grow well. Choose a location with filtered sunshine, sheltered from hot afternoon sun and windy conditions.

3 When you plant Lillie bulbs into the ground set them twice as deep as the height of the bulb. If you are planting lilies that are in containers and grown place the top of the potting soil level with the surrounding soil. After planting bulbs put a layer of mulch on the top of the soil to keep bulbs cool and conserve moisture.

4 When lilies are in full bloom they become tall pretty flowers and you may have to place something to help support the flower to keep them from breaking on windy days.

As you have seen in this article lilies can get your yard awarded yard of the month. As you can also see lilies take a lot of TLC but the rewards of them making your yard more attractive is worth it.