How to Guest Post Effectively – Get Traffic to Your Blog

There’s a new and increasingly popular way to drive traffic to your blog without using SEO or even PPC. It is called guest posting. It means that instead of writing a post for your own blog, you write a post for other blogs where you can attract the attention of the audience of those blogs.

In the end, this is a win-win solution for you and the blog owners. You will get traffic, while the blog owners will get new unique content from you. Here are some tips to guest post effectively and drive plenty of traffic to your blog quickly:

Give your best writing
Guest posting is your opportunity to promote yourself and your blog to the crowd. Often, the opportunity will not come twice. So, you have to seize this opportunity as much as you can. Posting your writing on another blog is often a not-so-easy thing to do. You need to know the audience of that blog and determine their interest.

The one thing that you must do when you write your guest post is to write the best article you can write. Make sure that it is suitable with the type of audience for that blog.

Respond to the comments
Some blogs may have a very responsive audience, so you must be ready to get good or bad comments for your guest post. One thing that you need to do is to respond to the comments of your guest post.

Don’t just write and run. Responding to the comments of the readers of your article will increase your credibility and raise their interest toward your blog.

Promote only your blog, don’t promote anything else
The goal of guest posting is to drive some traffic from other blogs to your blog. So, guest posting is basically not intended for product or commercial promotion. You will do the product promotion on your own blog, not on anyone else’s blog.

So, always leave a professional resource box that only asks people to visit your blog. Don’t ask them to buy your product or hire your service.

Write for popular blogs only
When guest posting, it is extremely important to choose the right blog for you to write on. This is a matter of not wasting your time. With your guest post, what you aim for is attention and popularity, so choosing popular blogs for your guest post is the right thing to do because it will be easier for you to drive more traffic to your blog if the blog that you choose already has a good amount of audience.

Those are some tips to help you do guest posting effectively. If you follow those tips, your guest post(s) will have a higher chance to successfully attract new audiences to your blog.