How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

happythanksgiving-main_Thumb.jpg Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

  1. Step 1 Thanksgivingparty_Thumb.jpg attend a Thanksgiving party

    PARTIES – If your office or workplace has a Thanksgiving party, this can be a great way to celebrate and enjoy the holiday with friends and co-workers.

  2. Step 2 thanksgivingparade_Thumb.jpg take in a Thanksgiving day parade

    PARADES – Taking your family and friends to a local parade or watching a Thanksgiving day parade on television can also be enjoyable on Thanksgiving.

  3. Step 3 thanksgivingfootball_Thumb.jpg catch the Thanksgiving day football games

    WATCHING FOOTBALL – There are usually a lot of college and NFL football games on Thanksgiving day and this has become a great and relaxing way to spend the day if you’re a football fan.

  4. Step 4 thanksgivingpageant_Thumb.jpg enjoy a Thanksgiving play or pageant

    PLAYS/PAGEANTS – A lot of communities put on pageants or plays during the holidays and taking in a Thanksgiving play or pageant can be a great way to teach your children the history of Thanksgiving in a fun way.

  5. Step 5 volunteering_Thumb.jpg show your thanks by volunteering

    VOLUNTEERING – A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by volunteering in your community and giving something back. This can be such things as serving a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless or volunteering at the local hospital and making someone else’s day by visiting and cheering them up.

  6. Step 6 Thanksgivingdinner_Thumb.jpg enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your family

    THANKSGIVING DINNER – The best and most traditional way of celebrating the holiday is by enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with your family.

  7. Step 7 Thanksgivingsales_Thumb.jpg use the day after Thanksgiving day sales to save some money

    THANKSGIVING SALES – Most stores have the day after Thanksgiving sales where they mark items down or have special one day only sales. This can also be a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving, by taking advantage of the sales and saving money