How to Have the Power of Positive Thinking

This is just a example. A cat scratching the owners tires with it’s claws. The cat knows it is Vet time. If the pet only knew the owner is only trying to keep him or her healthy,the stress level would be calm and decreased. Positive thoughts rather then negative. Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts can change your life greatly. If you are always thinking I can’t, it won’t happen and I never be able to do this, you will never get anywhere in life. Reinforce your thoughts daily. Keep positive words in your mind I will get that raise, I can fix the sink, I will notss give up until I reach my goals, you will see a big change. You will be happier and those around you will notice. The book “The Secret” is a great book to read. It is all about these things of having power over your life and mind. Never go to bed mad or upset, this is the only time we do not think is when were sleeping. So make your last thought of the day a happy one. It will relax you and you will get a better night’s rest. Go for what you want in life and stay positive. This is not a guaranteed life saver, but can help you over come negative thinking. By thinking positive thoughts and reinforcing them daily, you can achieve more out of life. The Secret is a book by Rhonda Bryne you can buy it at Barnes & Noble and other store. Stay positive !!!