How to Help the Child Labor in Africa

In Africa thousands of children are forced to work as the breadwinner of the family. With no one else to provide for them, they do everything themselves. They work in quarries, they are prostitutes, and they do every job that should be done by adults, and not the children that are, on an average, younger then I. This problem is rooted in the poverty of the countries, and in the AIDS virus. Poverty-stricken parents are the only source of a meager wage for the families to live on. The parents are diagnosed with AIDS and die, leaving starving orphans. They cannot be fed any other way. They must work terrible jobs that pay just as bad. But there is hope….

These problems are terrible, but like many issues, can be helped. There are many organizations that will help with AIDS, or poverty in countries, there are organizations such as IOCC, UNICEF, and IRC. These three organizations can help both poverty in Africa, and the epidemic of AIDS. The International Orthodox Christian Charities-IOCC- is an organization that annually gives millions of dollars to help countries in dire need of assistance. They will help by funding orphanages, schools, and giving money to spread the awareness of AIDS/HIV. If the people can be taught how AIDS is spread, then AIDS can be helped, and treated.

Also, if orphans are in the orphanage, then they will be protected from having to do the harshest of jobs. You can help by donating money, and with state grants, every dollar that you donate becomes three. You can also volunteer, by going to their website, and finding out where you can volunteer in your area, or your parish (which applies to my religion specifically….. a minor problem) IOCC is a great organization, but there are others that will help the same problems.

UNICEF-United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund- has been helping countries’ children since 1946, as a temporary organization, before the realization that they need to be a permanent organization, the name was changed. They help in crisis, giving supplies to children in need, and donating to schools in worldwide areas. To help aid UNICEF’s mission, you can donate money, or have a local organization, donate, and do fundraisers for UNICEF. UNICEF is on the way to abolish school fees in Africa. If this can happen, and all that people have to do is pay for food.

It could be easier to live, and they wouldn’t have to do the jobs they do. Two of the three organizations have been discussed, so we now move into the third. The International Rescue Committee is an organization that generally helps with orphans from war, however it now has a program it is currently working on that will help battle child labor with education. By paying for their education, they can make it a great deal easier on themselves. To help the IRC’s mission, you can donate to them immediately over the phone, or by their website. You can do the one donation, or you can do a planned monthly donation.

With thousands of donations, and volunteer efforts, IRC helped over 5,500 children get off the streets, making it safer for them to stay out of hazardous labor situations. The past three organizations are ones that will help at the root of the problem. The terrible problems plaguing Africa can be eradicated with careful action within 10 years. Even if it is not an immediate assistance, it still helps them in the long run.