How to Implement a Flu Vaccine Clinic

Because the common flu is a tremendously dangerous thing for certain people, you may decide to help your community and implement a flu vaccine clinic. While there are other ways for people to get a flu shot other than through a clinic, when you implement a flu vaccine clinic you increase the chances that at-risk individuals will be able to get the flu vaccine that they so desperately need.

Here are the steps involved in implementing a flu vaccine clinic:

1. Contact your local health department. Your health department may already have flu vaccine clinics organized that you can participate in. If not, they may be able to work with you to help implement a flu vaccine clinic.

2. Acquire the flu vaccine. Here again, you will probably have to work through your local health department. In some locations, however, you may be able to work with a doctor or group of doctors, as well as a pharmaceutical representative, in order to get the necessary vaccine for the flu vaccine clinic you intend to implement.

3. Find a location. This can be tricky. Many locations will not want to implement a flu vaccine clinic due to fears about liability. Civic organizations, charity organizations and even shopping malls are potential locations for you to implement your flu vaccine clinic.

4. Promote your flu vaccine clinic. It won’t do you any good to implement a flu vaccine clinic if no one shows up. You need to get the word out. Use every possible venue. Ask newspapers, television, and radio stations to donate adverting space. make sure to put up some flyers in your local health department. Make sure to give notice at your local senior centers. Consider doing a flyer drop in a lower income area of your town, as well.

5. Ask for help. It takes dozens of people doing various tasks to implement a flu vaccine clinic. You can’t do it all on your own. Recruit friends, co-workers, and even parents at your child’s school. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much help you get.

With enough planning and organization, you can implement a flu vaccine clinic and do a great service to your neighborhood, town, or city.