How to improve your dating skills

Practise how you speak to prospective romantic partners: stand in front of the mirror and speak as if you were talking to a prospective romantic partner. We are all nervous in the beginning, irregardless of our swagger and supposed strong self-confidence. But putting nervousness aside for a moment-it’s how we speak and project our voices that can really matter at the end of the day. Learning how to project your voice confidently, without it being tinged by over confidence, can go a long way towards improving your dating skills. A confident voice, tinged with a bit of nervousness resonates as well as the beautiful chirping sounds a bird makes on a lovely spring day.

Body language is so very important too. Try and learn not to grit your teeth and clench your fists. After all, the mind-body is so inextricably linked. Controlling your emotions beyond spoken communications helps to give you much softer body language. Fine-tuning your outward appearance of emotions-in its emotional range-gives you a more easygoing, but still confident body language. For men, it can be looking like a warrior…a civilized warrior. As humanity still follows its ancient tribal ways somewhat. Practise your talking, pitch of voice and body language to all, until you find a middle-ground that will help you in the dating areana: be you male or female warrior.

Also, content is so important. Don’t go overboard trying to be better than the smartest and wittiest people around, living or dead. Talk about everyday, ordinary things that everybody does. You’ll find that catching the ear of a prospective mate more than pretending to talk over their heads with stuff that they cannot easily comprehend because you are right or wrong.. Whether you know the subject or not, why go there? Even brainiac scientists want to talk about more than just the latest science observations and breakthroughs. Even if you do talk about things out of the ordinary, after all the world isn’t at times, phrase it in just normal jargon. Entertain and enlighten, but going overboad is a big no-no.

Coming on too strong is definitely going to scare a partner away. But finding and sticking to that middle-ground is going to go a long way towards improving your dating skills. Showing a sense of humor transcends all barriers. After all, we all love to laugh in this world. Humor is a big ice-breaker. Improve your sense of humor considerably. Bring it out, we all have it. For some of us, it may be buried deep down and need to be dug up. Showing a good sense of humor is the biggest ice breaker around, for people loosen up with humor.

Look, listen and learn well…good dating is a skill that can only be improved with time.