How To Increase Your IQ, Intelligence Quotient

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. This quotient measurement is not necessarily a gauge of how smart you are, but of your mental abilities compared to others of your age range. It was thought, in years past, that your IQ stayed the same your whole life. This has since been proven to be untrue. Your brain, like other muscles, gets more fit with exercise! Our IQ will depend on what and who we are and what we’ve been doing with our brains. If you spend a lot of time reasoning and figuring, your IQ will be higher than on an earlier test taken in your life! Here’s how to increase your IQ.

Be a Deep Breather. Most of us are shallow breathers. If you breathe deep, you put more oxygen in your blood. Breathe through your nose and you will be more likely to deep breathe. You also relax when you deep breathe. Relaxation, along with breathing deeply improves brain function.

Meditate. When you meditate, you will naturally deep breathe. Concentrate on your breathing. Clear your mind. Resting your brain, much like your body, gives it a ‘second wind’ and allows you to be more refreshed and clear headed.

Sit up straight. Sitting up straight makes us more alert and will keep our brains at high function.

Get enough sleep. A brain that’s well rested tends to function better than one that’s running on empty.

Avoid sugar. High doses of sugar tend to make us sluggish and make it hard to think. This holds true of too much of any carbohydrates.

Drink caffeine. Of course too much caffeine can have adverse effects on your body, but caffeine in small doses such as a cup of coffee has been proven to have positive effects on our ability to focus. This is, of course, a short term effect!

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