How to Increase Your Wealth as a Stay at Home Mom?



As a stay at home mom time management can be tough and searching for the perfect stay at home position can be overwhelming. Well your search is over! How would you like to start a business that you create and earn income from and never have to pay a dime? I know that this may seem to good to be true, but it is “TRUE”. If this is you then you are ready to start your free online website. Get ready to G.L.A.M. (Generate, Learn, Achieve & Manage)!

Things You’ll Need:  


59823b0c1c61a148_Thumb.jpgGenerate – Generating yourself a supplemental income starts of with creative thinking. Zlio is a online website that allows you to open your own store with your own personal touch without the hassles of product management and shipping. So now one would ask, “Where do my products come from?” Great Question! The affiliates of the products that are sponsored through stores, like yours and mine are stored and shipped for you. All you have to do is market the product in which you choose to sell on your online store. There is a first to everything, and first you must think of what products interest you.

efb3f35f5a9b568c_Thumb.jpgLearn – Learn what it takes to run a successful store online without the financial risk being involved. This is your chance to take control. Do you know what it takes for you to run a successful store? “You” Everything that you choose to do on your website will reflect your income. To get a better idea visit

3ea0a9a9a02a739e_Thumb.jpgAchieve – Achieve the goals that you set for yourself from week to week. Set a schedule to manage and update your website. Get a planner and write down the time that you intend on putting into your website on a day to day basis. Setting attainable goals are very important (ex. picking up one referral a week in which you will also generate income from).

43c40058213c584c_Thumb.jpgManage – Manage your newly developed lifestyle as you have created your road to financial independence. Visit your website as often as family time permits. Don’t over do it. Remember that you are your manager. We are stay at home moms and for us the extra income on the side while doing something that we enjoys is well worth it. If you are interested in creating your personalized online store visit . I hope that this is your answer and feel free to ask any questions.

Tips & Warnings

* Be Patient Success Does Not Come Over Night.

* Forward me questions should you have any.

* Organize