How to Install a Gas Water Heater

Replacing and installing a new water heater will require some plumbing knowledge. If you have no knowledge of plumbing then you should not attempt this project. Depending on whether you have threaded pipes or not you may need additional tools for sweating and cutting copper tubing. These tools are listed in Things You’ll Need.

Things You’ll Need:

Gas Water Heater

Two Adjustable Wrenches

Propane Torch

Wire Brush


Solder Flux

Tube Cutter


Teflon Tape

Carpenters Level


Shut off water and gas supply to old water heater. Connect garden hose to drain valve and drain water from old tank.


Disconnect gas and water lines. If water lines are copper tubing then cut copper tubing. If water lines are threaded pipe then disconnect at union.

Step3 :

Remove exhaust vent from top of water tank. Remove water heater after it’s been drained.


Position new water heater into place and level off with a carpenter’s level.


Wrap Teflon tape on the water heater trap fittings. Attach the blue coded fitting to the cold water inlet of the tank with the arrow pointing into the tank. Attach the red coded fitting to the hot water outlet of tank with the arrow pointing away from the tank.

Step6 :

Reconnect the hot and cold water lines. If the lines are copper tubing you will need to buy two couplers to join them back together again. Use wire brush to clean ends of copper tubing and inside both ends of couplers. Apply flux and then sweat joints. All connections must remain dry otherwise solder will not form a bond.


Clean thread on gas line and apply Teflon tape before connecting to water heater.


Turn gas line on and check for gas leaks by applying soapy water to connections. Turn water supply back on and check for water leaks.


Remove burner access panel and light pilot. Refer to owner’s manual for proper lighting of pilot.


Adjust water temperature of water heater.