How to Install a Toilet


Turn water supply valve off at the wall, flush toilet to remove as much water as possible from the resevoir tank, remove the supply line from the toilet, loosen and remove nuts from toilet, carefully lift the toilet off of the closet  flange ,(not to spill), excess water in toilet tank.

Scrape off all of the old wax ring from the closet flange.make sure the flange is completely free of ant dirt or debris. Insert the new toilet bolts into closet flange, and install the new wax ring on the bottom of  the toilet bowl.

Place the new toilet bowl onto the closet flange making sure to properly  aligning the bolts through the toilet bowl holes, twist toilet into place making sure the toilet seats properly. Apply the washers and nuts to toilet bowl and slightly tighten until bowl is securely on the floor(use shims if necessary).Making sure the bowl does not rock side to side. Replace water supply line to toilet and supply valve. Turn the  water on and check for leaks around the supply fittings. Tighten nuts if necessary.Flush the new toilet to be sure the wax ring has seated properly. Again check for leaks around the bowl at the floor.