How to Keep House and Teach your Children, Too

Raising and educating a family is nothing short of a balancing act in the performance of life. How to juggle the repetitive chores of maintaining a home with the adventurous decision to educate your children actually does not have a simple answer. As parents, we tend to go with the flow of our affairs as they unfold.

Now, of course, there is a heightened demand for structure and organization in the decision to make a environment for academics at home. Parents have to pre-plan their plans to make the transition into the home-school realm. A lot goes into making the idea a reality for your family.

The thought of setting an intense schedule for both academics and house maintenance makes the task feel almost insurmountable. However, it is not that much more demanding than helping the child, who returns home from school, with their homework assignments that are due the next day.

Take the time to examine the times of the day that you, as the parent, feel most comfortable handling certain household duties. If you are more comfortable paying the bills at 10:00 AM on a Monday morning, jot that down on your monthly calendar or schedule. If the dishes have to be done immediately after breakfast, lunch and dinner, record those times as well, and if you prefer to use the dishwasher, make note of the time that you can allot for the children to help in loading the dishwasher.

Maybe you can wash a load or two during your math periods. The thought that the dirty clothes are washing while you teach one of the most technical subjects is quite fulfilling. The home maintenance is all dependent on when you are most comfortable dealing with it, and many parents find something of ease when they plan the education schedule around what needs to be done at home.

I think, as a parent, there will be much more ease in homeschooling, knowing that your household tasks are being tackled when you want them to be. Now, of course, one of the advantages of being home, with the children, is that your schedule has a heightened level of flexibility. So, in the case of the home responsibilities, set your schedule and just know that you always have the “grace” time or period to catch up on anything, once the young ones are in the bed for the night…read more