How to Keep Your Ski And Snowboard Equipment in Top Condition.

   Most care things can be done on your own. You might need the assistance of a pro when you first get started. This article discusses the top three tuning and waxing tips for any skier or snowboarder.

   Quite frequently, when new technology emerges there can be misunderstandings about it. One chief example is connected with snowboard bases that are put together with recent technology substances. There are some who believe that these new materials no longer require the base to be waxed. Yet, that is clearly incorrectly from all aspects.

   A snowboard that is waxed well will always work and drift a lot better in comparison to one that is not waxed. In addition, you’ll come to notice that a waxed base will make your job pretty easy when you’re trying to manipulate your ride, particular during turns.

  Hot waxing is always preferable, and once you learn how to do it, it’s not very hard. If you have a digital iron, then you’ll want to adjust your iron to 248 degrees. But it’s not essential to use a digital iron. Begin at a low temperature so the wax gradually heats up and melts.

  Keep slowly turning up the iron until the wax smokes when you touch it to the hot iron. You want to control the temperature, so don’t change it too quickly. When smoke appears, you’ll want to start lowering the temperature of the iron until the wax stops smoking. That will put your non-digital waxing iron at about 248 degrees, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll with your waxing.

  After your skis have been edged, be sure to get rid of any remaining wax on the base with a brush. You’ll use two brushes; the first is a stiffer brush like a horse hair brush. To get the best wax job possible, a nylon brush should then be used. The way to brush is from the tip to the tail of the skis. At some point, you won’t see any wax left to brush out, and then you are finished.

Skiing and snowboarding can be fun and exciting, and keeping your equipment tuned is one aspect of these sports you can’t overlook.

Your equipment will serve you well if you care for it properly, so make sure you learn how to do so. People who take skiing or boarding seriously know the value of keeping their gear in top condition. The fact is, while you can often get good hints from knowledgeable pros in sporting goods shops, you will end up knowing your equipment best once you’ve used it for a while. Once you own the equipment, it becomes your responsibility. By properly maintaining your ski and snowboard gear, you’ll be making yourself safer and more able to reach higher levels in these great sports.