How to Kick Your Metabolism High in Only 4 Minutes a Day

This 4-minute workout Japan.

This is Yale University, outside, super short, intensive Law 9 – times more potent than the more common practice to where there is no difference in intensity was studied.
It’s easy and it is a very powerful kick-start your metabolism is high in the sky, trying to lose weight without gimmicks or kill 60 minutes of exercise. High kick your metabolism is the only true way to lose weight effectively. Let your body do other things while only 4 minutes a day.
Available for your body what it is all about adapting. This is true not only for food but also practice. Why waste 60 minutes of treadmill work, if you are on the same level of impact or even better results metabolism in just 4 minutes?
If you run for 60 minutes, the body adapts, and it is only 1 hour of high metabolism. As with the other 23 hours a day, it is only briefly. On the other hand, traffic, more efficient and more durable than less intensive “afterburner” effect.
Exercise takes only 4 minutes.
By following these steps, you can increase your metabolism high in the sky and it can run for 24-48 hours, even if they do not work during this time.
Heating (5 minutes, optional but highly recommended because your body is flexible muscles and reduces the risk of injury)

One lap = 30 seconds:
15 seconds of intense exercise
Pause 15 seconds

These are multiplied by 8, so that the duration of training is 4 minutes.
If you are a beginner, you have 5 seconds of a long workout, you can do 10 seconds of intense exercise and get up to 20 seconds. If you are in good physical condition, you can add 5 seconds for each interval depth, you get 20 seconds intense exercise. Best results are seen in intense exercise for 20 seconds.
Before exercise, walking machine, or something really strong that you can do in a row, climbing to 10-20 sekundi.Nyakoi half, the lack of results will exercise self-deception. All this is to give everything you have.
Exercise 4 – Minutes of the end, you really need to run steam pouring sweat and his face is hard to resist. It can be expensive with cardio equipment, plus a jump rope.
Congratulations and best workout!