How To Know How Many Calories You Are Burning

Studies show that when you keep a journal of what you eat every day and how many  calories you ingest and burn, you tend to lose weight more easily. Everything you eat or drink has calories in it, with the exception of diet soda and water! Start writing it all down, all that you take in and all that you burn off. It will then become clearer what you have to do to burn more calories and lose weight.

Get a journal. The ideal kind would be one that fits in your purse or pocket. If you’re at home, lay it on the countertop and every time you eat or drink, write down what it was, how much it was and the calorie content. Before you leave the house, stick that journal in your pocket so that you can write down anything you eat while you are out.

Bookmark a site such as so that you can look up the nutritional information and calorie content of your foods. You will be surprised at the calorie and fat content of some of your favorite foods, right down to the extra ingredients you put in your coffee in the morning! See link below.

Write down your calories burned. has a handy calculator to figure how many calories have been burned by what activity you were doing and for how long. Everything you do burns calories. Even doing nothing burns calories, not many though! Write this information down in your journal as well. See link below.

At the end of the day, look over your journal entries. Reassess your eating habits and what you need to adjust to change your calorie intake. Regardless of what diet you may be on, too many calories will equal either weight gain or no weight loss!

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