How to Live Without Work

During financial crisis people often seek ways to live without work for various reasons. Either you’ve lost your job, your company blew up or you just want to save a little more. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this goal:

1.  Buy store-brand: You can save huge amounts of money by carefully selecting the products you buy. Often it can save about 50% to just buy a store brand instead of a more expensive one. Also, coupons are OK!

2.  Find a free hobby: Many people assume spending money for your hobby is normal. It’s also possible to find a hobby that doesn’t cost anything such as hiking, fixing things (bikes, watches, electronics), reading, watching birds etc. If you’re lucky you may actually be able to earn something while performing you hobby.

3.  Learn to trade: A great way to get things done without paying anything is to trade. Trading is quite fun since it can be as creative as you can be. For instance, if you can paint, suggest you paint a friends kitchen in trade for some groceries. You can trade items for items, services for services, items for services etc.

4.  Don’t spend money while going out: If you go out, try consuming drinks and food at home or take them along before you leave. This saves you the money of expensive alternatives outdoor. Also try leaving your wallet at home and just take a little money. That way you can’t spend more than you want to.

5.  Get rid of your car: Cars are way too expensive. You’re actually paying large amounts of money for it while not even using it. After that, there’s the added cost of fuel. Consider other forms of transportation. Bicycles are great! You can reach about 17-20 mph with them while exercising (for free) at the same time! This should get you to most places within the hour.

6.  Cancel your expensive cellphone plan: Many people pay large amounts of money every month for their cellphone plan. This way they are guaranteed a new phone every year while indirectly paying for it every month. Consider keeping your current phone while getting a low cost sim-only cellphone plan. This saves quite some money every month.

7.  Get rid of unnessecary insurances: People generally insure everything they can think of. However very few people actually make use of these insurances ever. Try asking yourself these 2 questions with every insurance you have: Is it mandatory to have this insurance? If not, have i used this insurance in the last year? If both of these questions can be answered with “noâ€, then you’re most likely better off without them.

Good luck and have fun!