How To Look Like Taylor Swift

How To Look Like Taylor Swift

To look like Taylor Swift get out your quitar, and boots. How to look like Taylor Swift the blond bomb shell in a dress, is what young woman are all asking. How to look like Taylor Swift can be achieved if you like feminine, and playful clothing. Taylor Swift has tons of personality, and is a very talented female country singer.

How To Wear Makeup Like Taylor Swift

How to wear makeup like Taylor Swift will require black eyeliner. Taylor Swift is known for her beautiful cat eyes. To create this look take black eyeliner. Start on top inner corner of eye, drag liner outside of outer eye to create a line going up. This will create a cat eye. Take black liner, and draw a line on bottom lash line. Use shimmer eye shadow in pastels, or grays to complement blue eyes. Apply light to fair foundation, and pink blush to checks. For lips use a clear lip gloss.

How To Dress Like Taylor Swift

How to dress like Taylor Swift the country diva. Wear sundress with cowboy boots when ever possible. Taylor Swift loves dress’s, and is rarely ever seen in jeans. Taylor is also seen wearing feminine jewelry. Dangle earrings, hoops, and simple necklaces. How to dress like Taylor means to dress feminine, and girly.

How To Get Hair Like Taylor Swift

How to get hair like Taylor Swift, the curly blond long ringlet hair is stunning. To get hair like Taylor Swift you must have naturally tight curly hair. If not go to a professional salon, and ask for them to perm your hair. If you are not wanting to go for a permenant look. Applying a styling mouse to hair from roots to end of hair. Blow dry, and using small hot rollers in your long blond hair will create tight ringlets. Spray hair with extra hold hair spray to finish.

How To Get Taylor Swifts Body

How to get Taylor Swifts body will mean you need to be a health nut. Taylor Swift is know to eat a raw food diet. Fresh veggies, fruits, and fish. To get Taylor Swifts body you will also have to exercise. Although Taylor is not one to hit the gym, she does walk, and jog. Taylor Swift also does yoga, and Pilates. Taylor Swift eats healthy, and exercises to be healthy not skinny.