How to Lose Weight and Feel Full Doing It

Look ahead to the time after the holidays when everyone wants to lose those extra pounds of festivity. It’s so hard to lose weight when you’re hungry. You try and starve yourself, but then you eat twice as much because you’re twice as hungry! Here are some tried and true ways to feel full while dieting.

First, don’t starve yourself. Doctors nearly all agree, that eating several little meals a day keeps your metabolism going, keeps your blood sugar up and keeps you from feeling hungry. Nuts are a great way to eat the little meals that will keep you full. Keep a little container or baggie of nuts with you and munch on them all day. Keep about an ounce of them handy for snacking. Nuts can be high in calories, so don’t go over an ounce.

Do not skip breakfast. Grab a breakfast bar, a banana or a muffin, but eat! This will stave off the hunger that occurs mid morning when you don’t eat. If you don’t eat, your blood sugar drops and you then start to focus on that donut over by the coffee machine.

Oatmeal is a great filler. It is a low cal, low carb snack, or even a meal. Eating it with fruit cut up in it can be another way to give yourself some extra filler that is low calorie and good for you.

Fill your snack jar with dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins or diced pineapple. These are low cal, non fat snacks that beat out candy any day. They are also reasonably filling and will hit the spot until meal time.

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