How to Lower Cost of Living

Most middle to low class is difficult to fulfill their basic need recently. The companies fired so many employees so they must lower cost of living unless they will bankrupt. Reducing cost of living

Here are some ways to reduce the cost of living.

1. Use generic items

Do not use brand shirt, cloth, shoes, bag, and else. It is more expensive than generic items or items without brand. Both generic items and brand items are produced from same manufacture.  I have bought two shirts that have same quality. The brand shirt price is $40; while, generic item is only $9.

2. Buy items on thrift sales or garage Sales

You can buy some items at those places. There are broken, or ripped item that cheaper than common items.

3. Pay off the debt. Every month a debtor should pay the debt and interest. Without debt, you can use your for other purpose.

4. Rent the DVD at rental or online rental. It is cheaper than watching in cinema or cable TV. You can watch whenever you want.

5. Collect the coupon from internet. You can browse Google to find it. Facebook also provides free coupon. You can exchange the coupon with product sample that you do not have bought it.

6. Adjust the temperature. I have heard a famous executive decrease the air conditioning after got fired to thrift electricity fee.

7. Buy in Bulk. You can buy grocery that may cut your spending.

8. Do not often go to office with car. Use bus, tram or train. You can save some bucks from there.

8. Throw your credit card. Credit card tempts us to spend more money.  The credit card also charge interest and fee that we should pay it at the end of month.