How to make a blog?

Hello there!This is all about how to make a blog if you dont know how to make a blog, then this is the right page for you! Now let me tell you one thing about something! You must know that people successed becuase of one thing! And that is they love what they do! Now, what do you think what I am trying to say? I am just trying to tell you that if you don’t like what you are doing then stop it! you don’t need to proceed. Now we can apply that principle with blogging, blogging is easy, for those who loves to do it! but it could be very hard if its not your forte, or your love. So if you think this is not for you then stop now, but if you think you are a blogger then continue reading. Please read this very carefully and put this in your heart. Blogging is only for people who loves to write, loves to tell others about thier experience and opinion and love to share what they  know. So if we share the same feeling then do the blogging. Below are the ways on how to make a blog! This is easy and simple but you must know about this for you to become an effective blogger.


1. Choose a topic that you know best.

Never ever choose a topic that you dont have enough knowledge about or else you will find yourself explaining something that you are even confuse of.

2. Be creative.

You must understand that you are not the only one who is writing about the topic you choose , therefore you must be creative in writing it.

3. Be concise.

Never put your reader in a merry go round situation, give then straight to the point opinion or blog.

4. Not to short not to long.

Make enough number of words which includes the introduction, body, summary etc. or you will loss reader half way without giving them what they need. Or what you intend them to know.

5. Give an attractive title.

You must have an attrative title, e.g. how to’s.

6. Use simple words.

Use understandable words or common phrases for good comprehension.

7. Use the comments of your readers to improve your writings.

Comments are very important, you must learn from them.Take it as a positive way of improving your skills in writing.

Thats it for now. Soon I’ll be posting more about blogging, i hope this will help you improve yourself. Thanks!