How To Make A Few Bucks

Get your mind out of the gutter. This isn’t about prostitution. This is about selling parts of your body for cash. While there are illegal ways to sell body parts, those listed below are 100% legal. They may not rake in the big bucks an organ on the black market will fetch, but you would be surprised how much your parts are worth.

Whenever I get bored I just surf the net. I get a cup of hot java, put my feet up with the wireless keyboard on my lap, and go where ever the net takes me. One night I discovered that you can legally sell parts or your body.

There are places that will buy your hair. If you prefer you can even list it at an auction site. One website mentions a sale of 2000 dollars. For that kind of money I’ll go bald no matter how funny I look. Call me cue ball, I don’t care.

You can sell your plasma. Keep your TV. I’m talking blood. It’s a long process that could take up to three hours. However you can do it twice a week. Making at least 20 dollars a trip, you can get $160 a month. Not a huge amount of money, but it could pay the cell phone bill.

If you’re female you can sell your eggs. Not breakfast, I’m talking fertility. Thousands of couples are trying to have children, but need a little bit of help. I couldn’t find actual numbers, but I bet it’s four figures.

Males can also help childless couples. Just make a deposit at the bank. Stay away from Bank Of America, I suggest you go to the sperm bank. If you pass the medical review you’re in. How much you ask? I found numbers ranging from $1 to $200. It all depends on the quality of your stuff.

You can always become a test subject for new drugs. Drug companies are always testing and need human subjects. I guess it’s safe. I haven’t seen people walking the streets with six eyes and a growth coming out of their head. That only happens in the movies. Right? The money you can make depends on the subject matter. Just be prepared to be poked and prodded a lot.

Another way is to sell advertising space on your body. I would suggest thay you go with something temporary. Permanent , you might regret after awhile, no matter how much you were paid. I didn’t find any companies that specialize in this. I guess you would have to free lance and find your own ads.

You could sell your urine. Be advised that like selling organs, this is ILLEGAL! However, if you got balls you might get up to $200 from the person that is fearful of failing that drug test. I don’t know the punishment if you get caught, but you look it up and decide if it’s worth the risk.

I’m sure there are other ways of selling your body. Maybe at a future date, I’ll give out that information. This should be enough to get you started towards making ends meet in these tough times.