How to Make Easy Money in Wow

The best way to make money in World of Warcraft is with gathering proffesions. I would reccommend skinning and mining or herbalism. This way you can skin beasts while having a tracker up for ore/ herbs. This is WAY more profitable then blacksmithing, alchemy, inscription, leatherworking, tailoring, engineering, and ENCHANTING. DONT GET ENCHANTING IF YOU WANT MONEY!!! Enchanting is the poorest proffesion, I know from experience *sigh*. The gathering skills previously mentioned should suffice you until level 80 (soon 85). Once you hit the max level you should run heroic dungeons (you will make at least 50 gold a run at least usually). You can get money AND leet gear. If this still isn’t enough money for you then you can try this next technique. Buy items while they are cheep in the auction house (or bid on them at least). Once other items like the one you bought start to go for more money in the auction house then sell your item for profit =). These are a couple simple ways to get rich in World of Warcraft. Hope this helped and thanks for reading =). If you liked this article I have other WoW articles. 5 star rating FTW!!! Btw Go HORDE!!! (sorry Alliance I’m a Horde man)