How to make money by blogging?

Blogging is the new way to earn money on the internet. Do you the skills to make some one following you, or reading your articles? Then you have passed the preliminary round of selection. Create your free blog in or Make sure that you do not just copy and paste the contents into your blog. The blog does not need to be something special in terms of subject. You can even start writing about yourself. It can be of your interest, disinterest, passion, hobbies etc.

All you need to do is to keep writing everyday so that even if there are few visitors they keep looking for something to chew daily. Do not post 50 items on a single day and be idle for next 50 days. You need to be like a daily magazine not a monthly one.

Once the blog is set, create your google ad sense account. Google pays you for the clicks on the ads that are shown on your blog. They pay for every 1000 views. Now the very important thing is to know how to get more views. The very natural way is to get listed on the google search page by having a good ranking. To be technical, this concept is called SEO. Search Engine Optimization which is to make the content to be rich and matching in the keywords that are normally searched.

This will automatically bring some visitors. You can do social networking and get more visitors.,,, are some of them you can rely on to increase your page views. Make the content interesting so that the same visitors keep coming.