How to Make Money From Google

If you don’t already have a website, it’s okay. I’m going to help you find a great starter website, that is free, and set it up accordingly. is the by far the very best starter website to make money off of. For eHow you won’t need an adsense account yet. eHow is a website compiled of “How-to articles.” Now here’s how you make money off of eHow, when you write an article (it can be about you average everyday stuff), you need to categorize it accordingly and put down some keywords that also apply to the content of the article. When the article is published, ads based on your category and keywords are placed around the article. When people click on these ads, you make money. is a step up from the beginners website. It’s not How-to, it’s just straight writing. This is where you will really need your basic internet knowledge and a Google adsense account. Go to and sign up, there is a setup wizard that will help you put together an overall look for your website. Once everything is setup, click on customize. You’re going to see a link that says “add widget,” click on it. a window will pop up, you’re going to need to look for “adsense,” once you’ve found it go ahead and add it. If you don’t already have an adsense account it will go ahead and give you a chance to set it up. This is going to place an ad on your page which will generate you money once your visitors click on it.

Paypal. To get paid from these websites you must have a paypal account. Some people are a little set back by paypal because they ask for your SS#. They aren’t going to steal your idenity , I’ve had an account for years and have encountered no problems. The site is legitimate. Just go to and sign up, everything you need to make your account is right there in front of you.

Advertising through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are programs that give you banners, links, widgets, rss feeds etc. to place on your website according to its content. You can find affiliate programs on just about any site now days. Amazon, ebay , Target, Wall mart, etc. sign up, and you will be given tons of categories of different ads to choose from. PLEASE make sure the ads do pertain to your sites content, if they don’t, you are less likely to see a return.