So likely what brought you here is wanting to make money online. Whether it is through or from some online search engine. I myself have been totally naive to the internet and signed up for some pretty unlegit scam websites promising money. =( BUT here is my list of real websites that pay money. But before you get excited, NO, these sites are not get-rich-quick answers. However, if you keep up at it, or in some cases get referalls, it will be totally worth it.

Now obviously my first site to suggest (and no this is not sweet talking) is This very site. If you are not already a member what it is, is an online community where you can write articles, whether they are simply your opinion, or reviews, or you coul do video tutorials. There is a wide variety of opportunity and you make money for the views it gets. This site so far has been nothing but good to me and is completely legitimate. If you haven’t signed up for this site, and enjoy writing, or would just like to try it out, please give it a shot. =)

The next site I am surprised to give a good review is However this site i must add is best for people who shop online often, or people who are good at getting referalls, and also determined or loyal referalls. However you earn 3-5 swagbucks approximately for a search you do on their search engine per day, so if you are loyal those will add up in due time. You earn swagbucks, and can cash them out for prizes, OR get money paid to your paypal or get a conveinant giftcard.

Another site I would recommend to people who enjoy forum type sites would have to be This site is based of responses to discussions on a broad and wide variety of topics. And if you don’t find a topic to your liking, just make your own discussion. It is a slow earning process but fun and well worth spending some spare time doing to earn a few bucks. Mylot looks for and pays more for quality posts, not quantity so spammers will not be rewarded. =)

The last site i will suggest is european so they pay in euros and the pay rate changes so beware., my ref code is WOR:0085 and I would greatly appreciate if you sign up to this site to be my referall. Now this site pays per story you write and they can be random or about anything as long as they contain the keywords. The story only has to be 350 words long, and it could be based on fact or fiction. Sometimes this site runs low on stories, but I find that it fluctuates between having countless stories, and none available.

Those are the sites I use that have proven to be true. And best of all they pay by paypal, which is super conveinant for us all. Good luck to all of you on your money making journey! However, you all know as much as I that the best ay to make money is to get a job haha. But these are fun for spare time and an extra bit of cash.

It is never easy to earn money online. A lot of online marketers and businessmen quit at an early stage. They lose a lot of money in advertising without getting the results they projected. Many advertising sites promise to give them great results and to make them earn big money only to find out at the end that all they gave were promises. I know that before reading this post, you have come to a point where you wanted to quit. You’ve been working so hard, day and night, too eager and hopeful that the online opportunity will enable you to earn big money fast. But sad to say it doesn’t work that way so easy most especially when you are doing the wrong thing.

I’ve been trying and was hopeful I could earn much money online. It wasn’t easy at the start. I joined a lot of pay to read, pay to click, and other pay to do sites online only to find out that most of them were scams. Some were paying me, however, it would take me hours, days, months and even years to earn the target I was aiming. So, I searched on search engines, joined forums and got more info from successful online marketers to be able to know how we can really make money online.

I was able to know that we could earn money from the following ways :

1) Goodle Adsense

This is an ad serving program on the net where website owners can enroll to enable to display text, image and video advertisements on their sites. These ads generate revenue on either a pay-per-click or pay-per-thousand-impressions basis and is administered by Google.

Maximize your adsense revenue by making a lot of websites based on different interesting topics. There are a lot of website services where you can join for free. You can also join in some sites where you can get free articles for your blogs or sites. Others require you to pay a fee but to a minimal amount.

Joining blogging sites like Blogger will also help, where you are allowed to make your own blog and display Google adsense ads. The more articles you write, the more money you will earn. However, to be able to get higher earning revenue, it is better if you market your website or blog yourself.

2) Write articles

Write/create content. It can be an interesting and informative article, a photo of your travel or other things that interest you, a recipe and a lot more. Submit to sites like Bukisa, Triond, Associated Content and Groundreport. Publish it to the network and earn monthly royalties/revenues from the advertisements placed on the site.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online today. Membership is free and you don’t even need a website. By being a member, you are allowed to post links of merchants on your blog and market their products and services. There are also a lot of free sites where you could advertise your affiliate programs.

4) Paid Surveys

One way of making money online is by taking paid surveys. No investment needed as membership is free. As an added bonus, you can also market the site to get referrals and earn additional commission from your referral earnings. You can search from search engines for the links and additional information.

There are a lot of legitimate money making opportunities online. Those specified above are just some of the many ways to earn. Just keep on visiting as I will be posting more about them here.