How To Make Money Working From Home And Tips To Avoid Scams

We’ve all heard it on TV or seen an ad online about making tens of thousands of dollars online in your spare time, just 2-3 hours a day can make you a millionaire.  You hear stories of the single mother who quit both jobs and is now able to make all of this money for simple, easy to do work.  Or the Lawyer who just got out of law school who is now bringing in 6 figures a month with little to no effort….then, here it comes……they ask for your credit card number to pay a small fee of $150+ for something you’re not even sure what you’re buying.  Now don’t get me wrong, it IS very possible to make good money working from home, but it will be more than just 2 hours a day.  It will also take some time, depending on which way suits you better.  If this article I will go over the various ways to make money at home.  I will also go into more detail on the scams to avoid and how to “check out” a company.    

Business Opportunities  

This is the most common and recognized way to make money at home.  We’ve all heard of Mary Kay, Tupperware, Avon, Herbalife and the like.  These companies are categorized several different ways.  Network Marketing, Home Party Plans, Direct Sales, etc.  Usually there is a small fee to sign up, some companies have you purchase a “starter pack” that comes with everything you’d need to get started in your business, others will require you to join a monthly shipment of products to stay “active” or “commission qualified.”  Either way there is a clear picture of what you’ll be spending and what it is for, be it products or other items.  These companies are solely based on product movement and that is ultimately how you’ll make money.  You sell products and make a commission off what you sell and some companies allow you to build a downline, people who you have under you that you’ve taught to do what you’re doing, also called Network Marketing.  You’ll get a percentage of what they sell and depending on the company, can be unlimited levels deep.  So there is real potential there. To make $1000+ per month could take several months, depending on if your product is seasonal( i.e. candles during the Holidays or weight loss products during the spring) and how often you have to commit to getting out there and selling.  Most people who come into these businesses are previous customers.  Another great perk to a Biz Opp is that you could be having a picnic with your family, come home and see you’ve had 3 sells from your online store.  That’s called Residual Income. Here’s some sites I recommend looking into:


This is something that has increasingly become more popular as people are trying to find ways to spend more time with family, or to supplement their income.  But may not be into selling or the like. Telecommuting is just how it sounds.  Working from home using your computer and a phone to make or receive calls.  The work will vary from general customer service, selling, tech support, inbound and outbound calls are likely.  You’ll need a “home office” work space because your clients will believe you’re working from a call center.  Quite atmosphere, office with a door, computer with high speed ISP and a phone with a headset.  The company provides all training online and will provide their software for you to use to begin working.  Pay for these jobs are pretty common around $8-$15 an hour.  Most of these place are jobs, others you’re considered an Independent Contractor. The difference in the two is simple: The jobs are just that, jobs.  You’ll decide on a shift that works best for you, and you’re expected just like any other job to show up, on time and ready for work.  Some places even offer benefits if you’ve been there long enough.  Independent Contractors are usually on a case by case basis and once the work is over you’re not needed anymore….it’s also referred to Freelance, such as Virtual Assistants. Here’s some great Telecommuting companies to look into:    

Tips To Avoid Scams    

If you’ve not clear on what you’ll be doing or why they want you to fork over $75 then it’s most likely a scam.  Anything that has to do with Western Union or Money Gram is a scam.  Read the websites thoroughly, check for privacy policies, make sure the site is secure when giving important info.  Check the company out at  seek out and ask others on forums, changes are if they’re a scam someone will be able to tell you.  Get as much info as you can about the company before joining or sending them money.    

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