How to Make More Facebook Friends

Things You’ll Need

  • Access to internet and a computer
  • A account


Step One

Only send friend requests to people you know. Random strangers are not likely to add you as their Facebook friend.

Step Two

Add a picture to your Facebook profile so that it is easier for people to recognize you.

Step Three

Add a personalized message when you ask someone to be your friend. They may have forgotten who you are (because you have only met a few times, or you met a long time ago). If you don’t explain who you are, they are less likely to accept your request.

Step Four

If you have changed your last name (for example, after getting married), let them know what your previous name used to be.

Step Five

If you do not have a good relationship with someone (for example, your ex or a relative with whom you are no longer on speaking terms etc.), mend the relationship in real life before sending them a request to be your Facebook friend. Write them a letter or give them a call. Tell them you want to continue to be friends. Send a friend request only if they express an interest to continue a friendship with you.

Step Six

Build a network of people you know in real life. The more people you know, the more friends you can have in Facebook. Step Seven Be nice to people in real life. If they don’t like you, they will not want to be your Facebook friend.