How to make project collaboration possible over the internet

Lets start with my favorite,

I’m not one to spend money online, so everything explained here has a free version. is a collaboration site where everything you type is instantly shared with anyone on the same page. To share a page with a friend, all you have to do is give them the url.  Also, you can make your own page by putting anything you want after the backslash.  For example”put your words here” without the quotes.  Inside the page, you have chat, line numbers and color highlighting to see exactly who typed what. Because it doesn’t have too many style features, I recommend this site for people who need a place to collaboratively write code.

Next, and  You need a google account for and you can use either a google, yahoo or create a new account for  I group these together because they are very similar, but they are owned by different companies.  I find their feature sets so similar that I recommend both equally.  These sites are more for full document collaboration.  They allow multiple to work on the same document at the same time.  They also update near instantly.  Each has a style similar to the familiar look of Microsoft Word 2003, as well an many similar features.  You have no need to worry about losing documents when your hard drive fails; they are saved online.  I recommend these sites for people writing essays, people who cannot afford Microsoft Word and anyone who is in a group project.

My recommendation is that you try out all three sites to find which works best for you.  May your group project go well 🙂