How to Make Your Own Ornaments and Keepsake Box

Things You’ll Need:

  • Styrofoam balls (diff. sizes)
  • Ornament hooks
  • paint
  • glitter
  • rhinestones
  • other decorative materials
  • stickers
  • newspaper
  • paint brush
  • egg carton
  1. imagesCAKJVA1O_Thumb.jpg

    First, lay out the newspaper so there will be less mess to clean up.
    Add the paint you plan on using on too a paper plate.
    Then pick the size of the ball your going to decorate first.
    Then attach the ornament hook in the ball.Now your ready to paint and decorate.

  2. imagesCAJK6X8Y_Thumb.jpg

    Paint and decorate the balls in any way you like. Add glitter or other abolishment’s. There is no wrong way to decorate, After the balls are painted and decorated let them dry.
    Now your ready to paint the egg carton and decorate it.
    Decorate your egg carton with paint, stickers, rhinestones and whatever else you would like to put in it too make it festive.
    Let everything dry.

  3. Now its time to package everything up if you plan on giving it as a gift. Place the ornaments into the egg carton and leave the top of the carton open. Now either in a cello bag or wrap place some tissue down and then place the carton on top. Once the carton is placed bunch the cello wrap around it and pull it tight like a fruit basket. Now tie a ribbon or bow around the top of the cello wrap and then attach a handmade card and your are ready to give your homemade gift and make some one special very happy.

  4.  You can wrap theRemember if there are smal pieces please keep out of reach of pets and small children.