How to manage our emails?

Sending and receiving emails is one of the  latest trend in communication systems. Email is the best and very smart way of communication without using paper.


There can be very few who do not have an email id and most of us check our emails regularly for a purpose and in fact, this is the most effective and one of the easiest method of communication.  We can send huge documents such as contracts, legal documents, real estate agreements, lease deeds or business agreements, minutes of meeting or agendas or any text document that is useful for recipient.


Within seconds, our documents are delivered to our customer and at times, we also receive a quick reply and acknowledgment from our clients and customers.  Further, we can negotiate with price, business terms and conditions, send invoices and can even dispatch details along with payment transfers.


But we must also understand, that just as we clean our desk with jobs done, we can also clean our email inbox by deleting read emails and those mails that are no longer required to be in our inbox.


We must ensure that inbox should be free with enough storage capacity and also must ensure that if we have important documents that have referred again, we can save them in folders.


Keeping our inbox clean, enables us to identify fresh mails and also helps us in saving our time while working on Internet.  Secondly,  we must keep a book for maintaining our web sites and passwords in order to save our working time.


Internet is expensive and very useful and therefore, we must use it carefully and most usefully to perform the best jobs.