How to Maximize Your Google Adsense Revenue

While it is an open secret that writers can earn their daily bread from writing, experience reveals that Google Adsense alone has the capacity to earn writers a living without the amount earned from page views. While views depend so much on current writing, unless one focuses on evergreen topics, Google adsense provides the best opportunity for passive income from writing.

Google Adsense offers online writrers the best opportunity for passsive income

Experience reveals that Google Adsense has the capacity to generate more income than mere page views provided certain things are put into consideration. Every month, Google pays out millions of dollars to content producers in terms of ad revenue, money which can earn writers like you and me a comfortable life without ever wanting to work on anything else or even work at all.

How can you maximize your Google Adsense earning potential?

  1. Quantity – The more the pages you produce, the more the adverts displayed and therefore the higher the number of clicks. Since advertisers pay per click, more clicks mean more revenue for the content producer, meaning you and I.
  2. Quality – Quality content means more repeat visits. It is only by writing good quality content that a writer will not only attract advertisement but will also attract repeat visits from online users.
  3. Variety – Different issues differ in popularity at different times. Specializing in one or two areas denies a writer the chance to earn more from his or her sweat. Writing on more issues means that you are represented in all searchable areas.
  4. Subject matter – Some subject areas earn lower revenue than others. Poetry, news and humor earn less than social-economic issues such as sex, money, love and relationships. News earns very little passive income.
  5. Keywords – How much views you generate depends on the keywords utilized. Are your articles based on what visitors are more likely to search for online or do you just write what comes to mind? More views mean more revenue.
  6. Length – How many words should you write? Very short or very long articles mean a higher bouncing rate. Readers want articles that are between 300 and 700 words. Anything more than that is superfluous.
  7. Freshness – Content producers need to constantly update their articles in order to make them relevant at all times. Fresh content normally dislodges older content from the top and that is why an article can not forever occupy the same position in search engine results.
  8. Don’t republish – Rather than republish the same content twice or thrice, content producers should instead market generate links to their pages since search engines, those monsters we write for, punish duplicity.
  9. Get the category right – When I started writing, I used to post everything under general or creative writing, only to discover later that the category where you submit content really matters. A good health article published under poetry will not earn you much!
  10. That title – I have said this before and will say it again. Articles titles are like book covers. While everything does not depend on the title, so much depends on it. Don’t write a highly informative article on cancer and give it a stupid title such as…