How to Move With Pets Safely?

Moving is as stressful for pets as it is for human beings. Be it a dog, cat, fish or a lizard, you need to take good care of the pet during your relocation. Pets get used to the familiar surroundings of your home, as they spend most of the time inside the homes. They have a sense of a belongingness even with a piece of furniture they sit on.

A lot of planning should be done in advance to lessen the stress related to move. You should decide that whether you are moving your pet by a car or flying with it, to plan accordingly. If you are flying with your pet for an international move, you ought to be well acquainted with the varying requirements for importing pets in different countries. Irrespective of how you are moving your pet, you should take some precautionary measures to ensure their safe journey to the new abode.

Keep your pet secure on the moving day
Bring a pet carrier well in advance and make your pet accustomed to it on a daily basis. On the moving day, make sure that your pet is kept in a quiet and safe place, as it can get hostile to the  removal staff for bringing changes to their favorite places. Even if you become occupied with packing and loading things, don’t forget to keep an eye on your pet. Their daily routine should not be disturbed at any cost.

Consult the veterinarian before moving
You must consult with a veterinarian before you set on a voyage to your new home. You should get your pet’s health certificate along with the list of all vaccinations from the veterinarian. Also get a certificate which says that your pet is free from any kind of infectious disease. Such documents should be prepared about 30 days prior to your moving date, as most of the airlines require them. Do carry additional vaccinations and medications, in case if your pet feels sick in a long distance move

Get an ID tag for the pet
Prepare an ID tag for your pet, with its name on it, along with other necessary information like your name and contact number  plus an emergency name, address and telephone number. Don’t forget to carry a passport size photograph of your pet, in case if it gets lost, on the way to your new home. An updated ID tag can act as a lost pet’s ticket to home.

Try to create familiar surroundings for the pet in new home, by carrying all the necessary things your pet will need there. Such familiar things like food and water dishes, bed and blanket will give it a feeling of a home away from home.If you are relocating with the assistance of a moving company, ask about their animal related moving services london. Do inquire whether they provide with a pet carrier or make arrangements for the safe transit of pets. Making arrangemants prior to your move will make things easier on you as well as your pet.