How To Pass A Test

Step 1: As soon as the teacher tells the class about an upcoming test, you make sure that you write it down. This way, you will not forget about it. Also, you must write it on a piece of paper that you will find later. For example, put it in a small slot in your book bag or in your agenda book.                                          

Step 2: No matter if the test is in a few days, a week, or a couple of months you make sure that you study in your free time right away! If you have a procrasinating problem here are some tips that can help: Unplug all devices if you can, turn off all eletronics, and get a few snacks before you study.                                           

Step 3: Make sure that you know your stuff! Schedule how much study time you will need each day before the big test! For example, one day, you can study for 3 hours while another, you can study for 2 hours. If you are tired, take a short nap, wake up, and then continue. An alarm clock would be a smart idea to help wake you up.   

Step 4: On the day of the test, eat a good breakfast so that you are not hungry. Breakfast is also an energy booster, You do NOT want to fall asleep during test times! Be refreshed and make sure that you have all the supplies that you need (pencils, pens, etc.). Keep a positive attitude. For example, keep telling yourself that you will pass and you surely will.                                                                                                                 

Thank you for reading! c: