How to pass the HESI exit exam answering medication administration questions

  1. First of all remember you need two patient identifiers before you give the medication.  Two identifiers inlude the clients name compared to  it  name on the medication administration record MAR ( you ask the client their name) and the clients date of birth. You can get this informatin from the client and from the clients wrist band. YOu have to compare it to what you have on the MAR. So you give the medication to the right patient. You also only give medication you prepared yourself.

  2. For eye medication, it may be an ointment or eye drps. Put ointment along the length of the lower lid and for drops, put them in the conjuctival sac. To prevent systemic effects, press on the lacrimal ducts found toward the nose.

  3. For ear drops,first of all emember to ask if the patient has a history of a perforated ear drum. If they do, you should not irrigate their ear without first notifying the physician. Remember the way you handle the ears of children and adults are different. Pull the ear up and out for an adult and for a child pull the ear down and back.

  4. For IV administeration, if there is any adverse effect, stop the IV infusion before anything else. For extravasation, inject regitine around the site.

  5. Always clarify or attempt to clarify confusing orders with the prescribing physician or nurse practioner. Always take orders yourself by phone and make sure you read back telephone orders.