How To Pick a Military School in California

A military school may not be right for all children. If your teen is troubled, perhaps a military environment would not be suitable. Students in a military school exist in a structured arena where high academic and high sporting standards are stressed.  Special attention is paid to teaching self discipline. Some public schools will train cadets using military school training procedures. Here are some in California that you may consider.

St Catherine’s Military Academy is in Anaheim CA. It accepts boys as young as fourth grade. This school also takes day students as young as kindergarten. This school is well known for its musical instruction. The school’s marching band goes to many special occasions in California. St. Catherine’s has former students come and speak to current students about how the school has changed their lives.

The Army and Navy Military Academy is in Carlsbad, CA. It has one teacher for every fifteen students. This means that the students get special attention when and if needed.
The highest stress here is put on academics. The kids develop many friendships here with roommates and classmates. The school is located near the ocean so they do a lot of swimming and surfing. Even though high priority is given to academics, outdoor activities are also important here. The boys also go rock climbing and skiing.

Vista High School is in Vista, CA. This school is a participant in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps – JROTC. This program is Air Force supported and cadets study leadership, aerospace, science, and learn to lead the Air Force JROTC Squadron.
JROTC strives to teach patriotism, structure and discipline. JROTC wants the cadets to be inspired to serve their country.

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