How To Podcast – An Outline To Starting One The Right Way

If you are thinking about podcasting or ready to begin, here is an outline of what you need to know.

1. Since you already have a topic in mind the first thing you have to do is get a domain name to reflect the topic you plan to podcast about. For example if you plan to podcast about politics then you will want a domain that reflects that, such as, Or maybe you want to talk about relationships then pick a domain that reflects it such as or whatever you are developing your niche. The point is, make it easy to remember and make it reflect your topic.

2. Once you have decided on a domain name make sure it’s available. Do a domain search and make sure it is available. There are a lot of websites out there that will do a domain search so this may take some time doing.

3. Purchase the domain name and then register it. Once you have done that now you can start the process for getting a website.

4. Now you need a website to host your podcasting. There are 100’s of Internet Providers out there, so do your search. You may want to combine step 3 and 4 because there are some IP that will register your domain name for a smaller fee or even include it into the price of hosting your website. You may want to do your research on this one.

5. Purchase your website, create the look of your website, and begin setting it up for your audience. When it comes to creating a website you can try to build it yourself and save money or you can hire a designer who can get it done for you in a week. This step is time-consuming so it is important to be patient.

6. While all this is taken place be sure to purchase and microphone, headset, and audio editing software. There are a lot of models on the market but to find one that is just right for you might be a trial and error process.

7. Once you have done all the steps above you can now record your first podcast and edit it. If you don’t have any editing experience this might be time consuming as well learning the software. Keep plugging away.

8. Upload your audio to your server and then create links on your website for your audience. If you have no technical experience this process may be a little frustrating, but ask for help or do your research on the net, you will find your answer.

9. Create and RSS feed for your audience so that they can listen to your podcasts on their mobile device. Creating an RSS feed might be a bit challenging but it’s worth it in the end for your audience to listen to you on their mobile devices.

There you have it. In a nutshell this is how you get started. I know this isn’t enough information for most of you but have no fear we have created a website to help you get started. We even go so far as to make recommendation to other sources to help you at whatever stage you are at.

The whole process to getting up and running could take up to 4 months, depending on your level of experience with technology. That time frame may seem long but it may be well worth it in the end. We have compiled a resource on our website to help you get started and could possibly get you up and running in a week or two.

One final note, there are two kinds of podcasting, audio and video. This outline applies to both versions of podcasting.