How to Pray to God to Help You

How to pray to god

You pray god asking him for your welfare, your family’s welfare and you ask him this and that. Mostly you wish success, wealth and many materialistic things. You want the best for your family and pray God to give you everything in a platter. You think that when you pray for something, God immediately works a miracle and delivers what you want. You want a miracle always but does god always bless you with what you want?

God always answers your prayers, but he does not give what you prayed for just like that. He shows you the way to get what you prayed for and if you are sincere in your efforts He gives you unbelievable strength to make you motivated and achieve your wish.

Different religions have different rituals to pray and you too can follow it to come closer to god. But suppose you do not believe in rituals and believe god is within you, does that mean you are going against your religion and that god won’t bless you. Nothing can be farther from truth.

Only those who do not understand the ways of god will feel apprehensive and scared that he will not be blessed because he did not go to a temple, mosque or church. God does not work that way at all; hegraces the believer and the non-believer with the same blessings.

You might be a strong believer in your religion and follow all the rituals to the dot. But if you are not honest, hurt and cheat people, do you think your prayers are going to help you. Of course you will not get the benefits of god’s grace if you are not what god created you for.

On the other hand, you might be a non believer, but if you are honest and sincere and you have a helping tendency, god blesses you with the best things in life .All god wants from his creations ishonesty, helping tendency, dedication and discipline. He wants you to do your work and he always helps those who help themselves.

Your trust in him must be implicit and complete. Have you seen a child, you stretch your hands and ask the child to jump; he will jump because he trusts you. He does not have any misgivings as to whether you will be able to catch him, or whether you might drop him. He just trusts you and does what you ask him to do. Your trust in god should be like the child, absolute and when you begin trusting god with doubtless faith, you are blessed with immense power to do your duty and be successful.

It is no use if you do no work and pray for success. He will be there only to guide you and not to do your work. Your work is your duty and not god’s. The result of your work is not yours, but god’s, it is as simple as that. You might be in a hopeless situation with no one to help you, but you need not worry. Surrender totally to god and you will be amazed by the wonderful experience of help coming from unexpected sources.

The ways of god is very simple and it is we who complicate it by expecting miracles in every point of our life. Prayers are there to give you energy and make you feel close to god. When you pray, you feel god will help you and that is enough to give you the much needed pep to go on about your work with renewed vigor. Pray god to give you energy to work and not to give you an Aladdin’s lamp so that you can have all the benefits, with no work on your part.