How to prepare and pass the GED

The General Educational Development (GED) is a series of exams that determine if the person has the literacy and other skills equivalent to those students in the upper levels of high school. Did you know that 900,000 adults take this exam every year!
Average Annual Earnings for College Graduates and Non-Graduates

Professional Degree $109,600
Doctoral Degree $89,400
Master’s Degree $62,300
Bachelor’s Degree $52,200
Associate’s Degree $38,200
Some College $36,800
High School Graduate $30,400
Some High School $23,400
Average Annual Earnings—Different Levels of Education.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Surveys, March 1998, 1999, and 2000.
As an adult or busy teen, you must find the time because it will be worth it.

Obviously this is the most significant factor in taking the GED. It may have been a few weeks or a few years since you last study for an exam; either way you must be prepare to take its 5 parts.
Language Arts, Writing
Language Arts, Reading
Social Studies

As in everything in life you must have the time and patience to finish what you started. Even if you take it 5 times and passed it on your 6th attempt; you still pass. Take a GED course and your chances improve. Your local community colleges can assist you in your dream.

Understand-The alternative in not completing the GED is not good. Your current job may not be there in the morning! And Understand this- the downward economy will create a more aggressive and competitive situation for all; are you ready?

Degree- Be absolutely careful when you prepare and plan for your GED. Many students fall prey to changing “their minds” during the process. The time and money spent these on changes will set you back a few months -sometimes even years! How can the GED help you in your present job? How can the GED promote you in your present job? What are your goals?

YES- you can do this; have a picture of your favorite car, a special place or something that you can focus on to keep you going. YES-it is going to be tough and chances are you will reach “burnout”-just be prepared.

Things You’ll Need:

  • TIME
  • $50-100 Fee depending on the state. $15 FOR RETAKE

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