How to Prepare Malpua

Here’s how to prepare Malpua.

It is a delicious sweet dish.


Milk – around 1.5 litres
2 teaspoon of maida powder
0.5 teaspoon of cardamom powder
Around 60 grams of mawa
Sugar to taste
Some ghee used to fry

Preparation procedure:

1)Boil the milk till it reaches coating consistency.
2)Add mawa to the milk and stir well.
3)Keep the mixture to cool down at room temperature
4)Now add the other ingredients like maida,cardamom powder,sugar.Mix this well.
5)Take some ghee in a vessel.Heat it.
6)Ladle some of the batter mixture prepared and put it in the heated ghee.
7)Let the stove be on a low flame.
8)Fry it till it turns into a reddish brown colour.

Now for the next part.This is the sugar syrup preparation.


2 cups of water and around 2 cups of sugar

Preparation procedure:

1)Boil the water in a vessel.
2)Add sugar to it and keep stirring it to dissolve the sugar in water.
3)Once the sugar has dissolved and the solution has become thick, remove the
vessel from the stove.
4)Now take the malpua prepared in the earlier step and put it in the sugar syrup.

The dish is now ready to serve.Try this lipsmacking dish now.People with a
sweet tooth will love it.