How to Prevent Internet Crimes

Just like any crime, prevention is the best cure.   Learn how to prevent internet crimes or being victimized by culprits through these:

•    In auction fraud, it is important to communicate with the seller. As much as possible, do not pay through wire transfers or cash. Check the legitimacy of an escrow service before using them.

•    In cases of fake cashier’s check, contact the bank from which the check is drawn to know if it’s real. Take a look at the account number. Fake checks often have account numbers that appear shiny.

•    In credit card fraud and identity theft, make sure that the website where you provide your credit card information is secure and trustworthy. Always check your credit card statements to see if there are unauthorized transactions.

•    In debt elimination and employment/business opportunities, contact the Better Business Bureau to know if the company you are dealing with is legal. Get the name, address and telephone number of the company.

•    Phishing could be prevented if you do not entertain emails that require you to disclose personal information. Contact the business that sent the email to confirm before sending your details.

If you are a victim, report the matter to the police. If your life is in danger, seek the protection of the authorities.
The best way is always to be cautious in dealing business through the internet. Change passwords on a regular basis. Run anti-virus and anti-spyware software regulary too.

The internet is a very powerful communication tool and the advantages are immense, if used in the right way.