How to Properly Use Get a Freelancer for a Full Time Income!

Get a Freelancer is not a paid to write website. It is a website for anyone who has skills that are useful online, from professional writers to data entry services. There is no residual income, which is a large downside. However it allows you to write for others and be guaranteed to be paid (using escrow) as well as LARGE payments for your work nearly immediately instead of waiting years and hoping to get your moneys worth for your time.. The way it works is if I want 25 articles about how to write online, but I am not good at it, I could offer a freelancer 1-5$ per article (Average from what I have seen for a 500 word article) the freelancer would have an in depth knowledge of the subject or be willing to do research I wouldn’t have the time or inclination to do myself. This leads to some good long term relationships. According to your skills with SEO and other writing skills as well as languages will open more and more jobs to you. As you complete jobs you build a portfolio of completed work that shows people trust you and you do a good job. You can do other things as well if you have coding skills, blogging, E-mails, data entry, proofreading and re-writing. I will outline some of the important things you should know about Get a Freelancer.


Most people who will read this will enjoy writing. Get a Freelancer has many writing opportunities daily. Many people post jobs daily for original writers on a variety of topics. You can easily apply for all of these and you will likely get accepted for a couple if you are a good writer. Some pay as much as $5 per article which is quite a bit for a 500 word article considering how many year  it would take to earn that on Triond or a similar website. Some buyers will even allow you to post to a website like Triond afterwards once they have bought your work. Writing on Get a Freelancer can earn you upwards of 30-60$ a day if you are a good writer. However there is a way to earn much more writing on Get a Freelancer. Academic writing. People will routinely pay over 30$ for a 1,000 word essay on a topic you can learn about online in a matter of minutes. If it is a topic you are already familiar with it can take less then an hour to write a quality essay on the topic. This can be extremely lucrative. There are also other options like sales letters and E-mails etc. These are not as lucrative but are a solid stream of income for strong writers.


The most popular job on Get a Freelancer is article re-writing. This requires no research, just straight up writing skills. You don’t have to search for a topic you simply take an article and re-write it so it is unique but contains te same information. This requires you to change everything, I find it easiest to open 2 word processors, one with the original article and then completely retype it changing at least 90% of it and usually changing it all. Once you get the hang of it by doing 10-20 articles you should be able to type the 500-1000 words per article at the rate you can type which for me is about 100 words a minute so it takes me 5-6 minutes to re-write a 500 word article. Since more people will pay 1-2$ per re-write since it it much easier and faster I can earn 10-20$ an hour or more depending on the price and my speed that day. It is very easy to get a recurring job doing article re-writes for someone if you can sit down an hour a day and do it. It is a nice $10-20 a day for work that is always helping you learn and grow.


I would suggest only accepting payments VIA GAF and GAF Escrow (Get a It has a rather developed payment system which protects both the buyer and seller. It cashes out to paypal once weekly. It is much safer and easier to make and receive payments through GAF payment systems it also avoids the problem of giving out your paypal as well as trusting them to pay you once you complete the work. This guide does not cover jobs other then writing but any job you get on Get a Freelancer should be paid through the website itself for safety and security. Going deeper in GAF payment systems is GAF escrow and milestone payments. Escrow is the buyer puts up the money on Get a Freelancer. It is in neither the buyer nor writers account. When the job is complete hte buyer accepts and the money is transferred. If the buyer does not accept the writer can submit a dispute showing the completed work. If the writer completed the work properly according to the job description the bid on the payment will be approved by GAF staff. Milestone payments are if you are keeping a blog updated you could have milestone payments every 7 or 14 days etc. where you get the amount agreed upon in your GAF payment account every however many days until one or the other party cancels the payments. These are a nice way to go so you know you have a certain amount coming in each week or month for your work. Again I strongly recommend you stay within the self contained GAF payment system which can send your money to your paypal but keeps you paid and safe, there is no login for it aside from your Get a Freelancer login, it is built into your account to make life really simple.

Getting the Job

Most people are all excited about Get a Freelancer yet they have no idea how to properly bid and in effect never get a job let alone get paid. When you bid on Get a Freelancer you should always put, Check PMB (private message box) as your bid. Then in the PM you should put that you accept their terms and any alterations you would request or benefits you could provide others couldn’t. For instance, a job is for 10 articles of 500 words to be re-written in 3 days. In the PM you could put you can do all 10 for the price specified but you can have it done in 1 day. You will likely get a reply within a few hours. If a project is over 36 hours and likely 24 I wouldn’t waste a bid on it since someone has likely gotten the job already. You only have 15 bids per month which increases by 1 bid a month. You can get a gold membership to allow more bids per month but it is not really important as long as you bid properly on the jobs you want and know you can do so you don’t waste any bids on pointless projects you’ll never get or not be able to complete translating to a lost bid with no income attained. Feel free to negotiate if you feel the need, if someone is offering $1 per re-written article but you think $1.50 is fair for that particular job, don’t be afraid to ask. The WORSTE thing you can do is to bother someone who posts something to the effect “Only bid if the pay or job is acceptable to you as well as the deadline.” If someone puts this in the job offer do not bother then with asking for more time or more money it will waste a bid and they will remember and not accept your offers in the future.


Buying from Get a Freelancer is quite simple. You post a job offer. Be specific to cut down on pointless bids, you can  get as many bids as you want. Check the bids regularly and see who offers the best for the price you offer or if they ask for more money but offer better/faster work. Offer to pay only through GAF payments and people will argue but it is better for both parties. If the work is unsatisfactory you are protected. It is nice to pay someone to bog for you or to pay to build your Triond article base or other websites. It also works well for E-zine articles.


Feedback applies to both buyers and freelancers. It can only be left when paid VIA GAF payment systems. It is a very useful tool, generally someone with 10+ positive feedback will get the work done they say they will or buyers will be happy with your work if they have 10+ positive buyer feedback. It is much worth it trying to get all the positive feedback you can!


If you are reading this guide and are not yet a member, what are you waiting for you can sign up now and starting bidding on jobs that appeal to you! Sign Up Now!