How to Repair a Plaster Wall

There are many old homes that still have their original plaster walls. Repairing holes in these walls is a little more involved than repairing a drywall. However the average person can repair plaster walls with little difficulty. If the holes are larger than two inches, then you will need to staple wire lath onto the wood lath inside the wall. The wire lath re-enforces the plaster and makes the patch strong.

Material and tools need for project:

Plaster of Paris

Joint Compound (See Step5)


Wire lath (for large holes)

Tin snips (for cutting wire lath)

Staple gun (for securing wire lath)

Large putty knife

Medium grit sandpaper

Dust mask



For holes larger than two inches, cut a piece of wire lath with the tin snips so that it fits neatly into the hole.


With your staple gun firmly secure the wire lath against the wood lath inside the wall. Cut off any excess with tin snips.


Mix some Plaster of Paris in a container with water. The plaster needs to be thick enough so that it sticks to the wire lath and wall.


Apply the Plaster of Paris to wire lath while smoothing it out until it’s even with the edges of the wall. Allow to try completely.


Wearing your dust mask, sand the wall until it’s completely smooth. Use Joint Compound for any small touch ups that may be needed.

Step6 :

Prime wall and let dry


Apply matching color paint to wall and let dry. If needed apply 2nd coat.